Itamar, 29 years old, father to Arbel and Sinai. Originally from Israel. He studied at Yeshiva Ma’ale Adumim and Yeshivat Or-Torah Mahanaim, and at the same time, he took the rabbinical exams. He served in the army as a tank commander in the Armored Corps. Has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education and a teaching certificate with certification in mathematics and Bible from Herzog College. Taught mathematics in high schools in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Itamar Appelbaum and Michal Appelbaum

Michal, 27 years old, mother of Arbel and Sini. Originally from Israel. She served in the national service in educational and leadership positions and also worked with youth at-risk. She studied Torah and Gemara at Midreshet Nishmat. has a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in philosophy from Bar Ilan University. As an intern, she worked at the Criminal District Attorney’s Office in Jerusalem. She was recently certified as a lawyer.