Orthodox Life at Cornell

With about 70 Orthodox Jews on campus, Cornell is a warm home for Orthodox living in Ithaca, NY. Between the work done by OU-JLIC and the CJL, Cornell has become a place where Orthodoxy thrives.

The Center for Jewish Living at Cornell

The Center for Jewish Living is an entirely student-run organization comprised of a residence hall and a programming board dedicated to running campus-wide religious, social and cultural events. Together with Cornell Dining, the CJL is proud to be a partner in the fabulous Kosher Dining program at Cornell. Most importantly, the CJL is a warm and inviting community that is a home away from home for countless students.

In addition to running the house, minyanim, and Kosher Dining program, the CJL also regularly hosts social events, ranging from midnight BBQs to shiurim and canoeing trips.

The CJL is run by an eclectic 11-member board that oversees many events run by the community.

Find out a lot more at the CJL website!

Cornell Hillel

Hillel’s mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate and graduate students so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world. Cornell Hillel embraces this mission by seeking to provide positive and purposeful Jewish experiences that are relevant to the lives of students. At the foundation of Cornell Hillel is a commitment to excellence, innovation, accountability and results.

As the main gateway for the approximately 3,500 Jewish Cornellians (22% of the student body) to become involved in the many facets of Jewish student life, Cornell Hillel continuously strives to create a broadly defined Jewish campus culture which is intrinsically intertwined with the culture of Cornell University.

Find out more at the Cornell Hillel website.


An Orthodox Minyan is available throughout Shabbat. Students typically eat Shabbat dinner at the Kosher Dining Hall. As part of the standard program, a student delivers a Dvar Torah, followed by announcements from Jewish student groups about upcoming events and activities. Once or twice a semester, the CJL hosts an oneg at the adjoining house with singing and Cholent. On Shabbat morning, about 35-45 students eat at the Dining Hall. he Kasdans host students for Shabbat meals as well as two onegs per semester. Shiurim are offered at the CJL on Friday after Maariv and on Shabbat morning after Kiddush. A full Seudat Shlishit buffet (meat) takes place between Mincha and Maariv, with traditional Slow Shira.

Kosher Dining

The Kosher Dining Hall—104 West!—is located next door to the Center for Jewish Living (CJL), serving three meals a day, except for two on Shabbat and Sunday (brunch). The kosher dining Hall also provides hot meals on north campus from Sunday through Friday. Kosher sandwiches prepared and labeled by the Kosher Dining Hall can be found in many of the cafeterias around campus.

Find out more at the CJL website.


At Cornell, all freshmen (no exceptions) live on North Campus. Most upperclassmen elect to live off campus, either in apartments or fraternities or sororities. There are 25 people (men & women) who live in the CJL. Some upperclassmen choose to live on campus.