New at Cornell! – London Kollel

Cornell University joins other campuses across the country in the London Kollel program. The London Kollel is a successful initiative which seeks to engage students in committed, regular Torah study and create a sense of structure and community revolving around Torah. Students participate in a variety of weekly learning programs, and in return for a commitment to a weekly number of hours spent learning, each student in the program is granted a semesterly stipend.

Daf Yomi

(Mon-Thurs at 9:30 pm in the Beit Midrash )
Learn the daily daf with Cornell postdoc David Sinefeld

Weekly Shiurim

Makkot Gemara Shuir (alternating Shabbat/Sundays, @104 West)
Join Rabbi Chaim Finson for an in depth Gemara shiur

Mishmar (Thursdays from 9-11pm @ 104 West)
Come wind down the week in the warm and vibrant Beit Midrash. Opens with a parsha shiur by senior Ezra Newman and some great homemade cholent and snacks, followed by learning in chevruta

Contemporary Issues and Judaism (Shabbat, 11:45am @ CJL)
A pre-lunch parsha shiur connecting the parsha to some of today’s most burning issues. The shiur is given by Rabbi Chaim and/or Shira Finson

Torah Mini Series 
Rabbi Chaim and Shira Finson will be having once or twice a semester different Torah mini series. Topics in the past have included a 5 part series on the teachings of the Chafetz Chaim and Shmirat Halashon, by Shira Finson and a 3 part series given by Rabbi Chaim Finson on different Torah personalities.

Scholars in residence/guest speakers
This coming year we have a number of very exciting speakers and scholars, including former Chief Rabbi of England, Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Menachem Leibtag of Yeshivat Har including Dr. Baruch Sterman co-founder of Ptil Tekhelet and Nobel laureate Prof. Roald Hoffman come speak about tekhelet. In addition there are anywhere from 1-3 scholars in residence that visit Cornell university every semester from various Yeshivot and Seminars.